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Fluffykins' No Good, Horrible, Very Rotten [Last] Day

They put me in a crate. Alone. Alone and afraid. “Fluffykins” they once called me, but now, now I felt as though I should be re-named “Alone," for that was what I was. A poor, frightened cat in the bowels of airplane in the sky.

Alone, I ate my meager rations of chow. Alone, I licked myself each day, often for hours at a time to occupy myself. And I thought of the ways I could escape from my dark prison, my metaphorical abyss within this plane. There had to be a way out. There had to be.

When I saw the creature, I was to the point of desperation where anyone would have sufficed. Anyone. And that was my downfall. My fatal weakness. I thought I could trust him. His voice was so smooth. So calming. So tender, even. He offered me a way out, said he knew a way to leave my confinement and be free once again! Freedom! The word was like catnip to my senses, like buttery cream to my tongue. Oh, how I craved freedom from my cage. He told me that he would show me the way out, but that first I had to let him in.

Oh, that forked tongue, how it lied! The pressure came suddenly, silently, and was so deadly. The one I called “friend," the one I thought of as my savior, betrayed me. The feeling of hurt overwhelmed me as I realized what a snake – literally – I had let into my cage. And there was still no way out. And now even the light leaking in through the metal bars was hidden by the slithering form of a snake. A snake. That was on the plane.

I wanted to get out, to warn my owners of what frightful beasts had somehow come to be on the airplane. But then I remembered who had left me in this cage all by myself to begin with. My owners. No, I decided. If I was going to die by the might of this snake, I didn’t want to die alone. If I would die, so would they. And all to these snakes. On a plane.

Meow. Avenge my death! Mrow!
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