Sea Isle Witch (seaislewitch) wrote in snakesonafic,
Sea Isle Witch

Enough is Enough! - A Five Minute Crack SOAP Fan Fic

Enough is Enough - A Five Minute SOAP Crack Fic
By seaislewitch

Mary Sue, the leggy, buxom flight attendant, motioned for the handsome, black FBI agent.

He slowly rose from his seat and sauntered up to the empty first class section. He had been watching her since he boarded the plane and hoped to get to know her a bit during the flight.

"Hi, there," she said with a wink.

"Hi, there, yourself."

"It seems we are having a bit of a problem."

"Oh? How can I help?" he said, idly running his hand up and down the bulkhead.

"It seems we have... snakes on this flight."

"Mother f*cker! Snakes! On a plane? Again?"

"I believe so," she said, swinging her long, blonde hair. "Oh! Look! There's some under that seat which also serves as a floatation device in the event of an emergency water landing."

"Enough is enough!" he yelled, running back to the coach section where he retrieved a camouflage backpack from the overhead compartment. He pulled out a revolver and shot into the roof of the cabin five times. "Everybody listen!"

Everybody was listening.

He held up a grenade, pulled the pin and threw it on the empty seat near the emergency exit.

"Hold mother f*cking on, baby!" the handsome, black FBI agent yelled.

The device exploded, sucking everything that wasn't strapped down or hanging on out of the plane--including the snakes!

"That's how you mother f*cking do it!"

"My hero!" she said, showering him with warm, wet kisses as the passengers went wild.

The End.
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