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Fluffykins' No Good, Horrible, Very Rotten [Last] Day

They put me in a crate. Alone. Alone and afraid. “Fluffykins” they once called me, but now, now I felt as though I should be re-named “Alone," for that was what I was. A poor, frightened cat in the bowels of airplane in the sky.

Alone, I ate my meager rations of chow. Alone, I licked myself each day, often for hours at a time to occupy myself. And I thought of the ways I could escape from my dark prison, my metaphorical abyss within this plane. There had to be a way out. There had to be.

When I saw the creature, I was to the point of desperation where anyone would have sufficed. Anyone. And that was my downfall. My fatal weakness. I thought I could trust him. His voice was so smooth. So calming. So tender, even. He offered me a way out, said he knew a way to leave my confinement and be free once again! Freedom! The word was like catnip to my senses, like buttery cream to my tongue. Oh, how I craved freedom from my cage. He told me that he would show me the way out, but that first I had to let him in.

Oh, that forked tongue, how it lied! The pressure came suddenly, silently, and was so deadly. The one I called “friend," the one I thought of as my savior, betrayed me. The feeling of hurt overwhelmed me as I realized what a snake – literally – I had let into my cage. And there was still no way out. And now even the light leaking in through the metal bars was hidden by the slithering form of a snake. A snake. That was on the plane.

I wanted to get out, to warn my owners of what frightful beasts had somehow come to be on the airplane. But then I remembered who had left me in this cage all by myself to begin with. My owners. No, I decided. If I was going to die by the might of this snake, I didn’t want to die alone. If I would die, so would they. And all to these snakes. On a plane.

Meow. Avenge my death! Mrow!
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*cardiac arrest*

Now that was deep! I don't even like cats, but you've got to feel sorry for Fluffy.

Loved it!

Cute story. Well apart from when she died. :(
Ah, Fluffykins, do you not see how disappointed I was in your fluffy ankles? I was only looking for something nice and slick after working so hard on the Great Dane. I was most disappointed in your white got stuck on my fangs and I had the worst time working it out for several hours.
Right. I am so sorry that you wasted a few hours of your life on my fur in your fangs. Did you want a sympathy card, snake? From me? I'm the one who's motherf*ckin' dead on a motherf*ckin' plane!
Ach, you poor little child. Why must you resort to stars and obscenities; it so irritates my finer sensiblilities, like mirrored scales and painted fangs to match my iridescent colors. Do you not realize that your fur could come in handy later when I, in homage to my great idol, will create a cloak, using your fur. However, if you must be so...lower class, then I might have to let go of your tatty fur for something more superior.