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My "Love" Fanfic

Starts off at the end of the movie. Samuel L. Jackson, who is taking a snake home as a souvinier, has been home for about a week after the snake on a plane incident. He is exhausted, and just sleeping. The snake, who Sam Jackson named "Janet" slithers out of her cage. The snake, gaining revenge, bit Sam Jackson's ankle. He screamed, and his wife came running into the room.

"What's wrong, Sam?" she screamed when she saw a snake hanging from his foot. She tore it off and threw it in it's cage. She locked the cage door, as the snake hissed at her. She ran back to her husband. "Are you alright, dear?" "Oh, I'm fine," Sam replied, "It wasn't anything. That snake isn't poisonous."

A few days later, it started. Sam's wife knew that something was wrong when she saw him trying to catch a rat in their yard. "Are you alright, honey?" "I'm fine, baby," he replied, finally pouncing on it, "I'm just trying to catch dinner." She slowly became worried for him.

The next day, she confronted her worries to him. "Sam," she said, "I think something might be wrong with you." "What do you mean?" He looked at her as he was shedding out of his mouth. "You started acting different ever since Janet bit you. It's almost as if you've been..." she couldn't finish her sentence. "Been what?" Sam became curious. "Been..." his wife started, "As if you've been turning into a snake!" Sam couldn't believe what he heard. As soon as he finished shedding, he went to sleep.

Something woke him up from his sleep a few hours later. A voice, almost a whisper. "Open the cage..." it moaned, "Open the cage..." He became mezmorized by the voice. He slowly started walking to the cage, and opened it. Janet came slithering out, and onto the bed. "Kiss me..." the voice moned. It sounded almost like a hiss!

Sam got on the bed, and gently gripped the snake. His lips came against Janets. He coudln't understand what was going on! He seemed to.. enjoy this sensation that he was feeling. It was almost as if he... loved it. Well, one thing led to another and... yeah.

The next morning he woke up. He felt awful. Beatiality just wasn't his thing. He walked to his wife, who was making breakfast, and hissed her. She noticed that his kiss was different. It felt as if his lips were rougher and tighter. As if he was a... well, it couldn't be.

But, the kiss didn't feel right. He loved Janet, and his wife. He was caught in the middle of a reptile-homosapian love relationship. He was torn down the middle. He's been married to his wife for a while now, and he loved her. But, then again, he found this new love for Janet. What should he do?

Weeks went by, and he was still doing his nightly nasty and his daily wife. It was as if he had become snake by night, and human by day. Whatever he was, Janet's cage started getting grimey. Sam's wife started cleaning out Janet's cage one afternoon. Sam was to hold onto the snake until it's cage was clean.

"kissssss me..." he heard that hiss again, "hissss me like you do at night..." "No!" Sam couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't. He gazed into Janets eyes angerly. But, he couldn't stay angry. She was so beautiful. He leaned in and passionatly kissed Janet, just as his wife came walking in. She screamed, and dropped the glass cage. "GET YOUR MOTHERFUCKING LIPS OFF MY MOTHERFUCKING HUSBAND!" she screamed.

He dropped the snake to the ground. Janet shot herself towards Sam's wife. Sam's wife dodged the snake, and the snake ran into a wall. Janet was angry. She shot herself again toward's Sam's Wife, and coiled around her leg. Slowly, she slithered. Sam just stood there watching as the snake coiled around his wife's neck. "Help..." his wife's breathless screams begged, "help me, Sam..."

He was again caught. The reptile that he loves is killing the wife that he loves. What will he do? How will he stop this? He knows that one of them would have to die, but he didn't want to be the one to do it. How will this end?

Janet coiled tighter around Sam's wife's neck, then extended her head out in front of her face. Janet hissed real loud in her face, and shot herself towards Sam's wife's face. She flinched, 'cause she knew that death was about to overcome her. Sam Jackson shot Janet in the head at the last second, blowing it up. "Get that motherfuckin' snake off my motherfuckin' wife,' he said.

He had overcome his snake love. It was sad that he had to kill the one reptile that he ever loved, but in exchange he got the love of his Wife back. His wife was his 24 hours a day now, and not just at daytime. He felt accomplished, because he was now with the girl that he will be with until the day he dies.
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